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Tohoku University Hospital

Contact us TEL +81-22-717-7000
Consultation Hours
Weekdays 8:30 ~ 17:15 Opening 8:00
Reception Hours8:30 ~ 11:00
Automated RTC Reception8:00 ~ 17:15
Non-consultation Days
Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, and December 29- January 3
TEL+81-22-717-7000 After hours and non-consultation days +81-22-717-7024

During Your Hospital Stay

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Follow the instructions from your ward staff during your hospital stay.

Inpatient Rooms

A standard inpatient room has 4 beds.

Each ward has private inpatient rooms (special rooms). Please request for a private room at your outpatient department. Please note that all private rooms may be occupied.
The following difference will be added according to your room type.
[Important] 0 a.m. is regarded as the beginning of a day for cost calculation.
Room Type Difference per Day
Special Room SS 40,700 YEN
Special Room S 29,700 YEN
Special Room A 19,800 YEN
Special Room B 17,600 YEN
Special Room C 16,500 YEN
Special Room D 13,200 YEN
Special Room E(4 Beds) 2,200 YEN
Palliative Care Special Room 4,400 YEN

* Please note that you may be asked to move to another room when there is an emergency admission of another patient.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Special Room SS
Special Room SS (Bathroom)
Special Room SS (Amenities)
Special Room S
Special Room A
Special Room B
Special Room C
Special Room D
Special Room E (4 Beds)
Palliative Care Special Room

Patient Meal Service

The hours of meal service are:
Breakfast 7:50 a.m. / Lunch 12 noon / Dinner 6:00 p.m.

  • All menus are prepared under the direction of your doctor to ensure it is suitable for your condition. Please ask for permission when bringing in outside food.
  • You may notice that food tastes lightly-salted. Please understand it is a part of treatment.
  • Regular patient meals come with menu options.
  • We provide nutrition education at your request. Please contact your ward staff to arrange a counseling session.
  • Please inform your ward staff in advance if there is any food you cannot eat.

Identification Wristband

In order to avoid medical errors, we use identification wristbands.

Identification wristbands are essential in maintaining patients safety and preventing patient misidentification at surgical interventions, examinations, drug administrations, and blood transfusions. Please wear it all the time while you are hospitalized.

Shower / Bath

You can take a shower or bath by your doctor’s permissions.
Your nurse will inform you the day and time you can take a shower or bath.


Laundry facilities are available on each floor. Prepare laundry detergent by yourself.
* Insert a TV Card to use washer and dryer.
Washer: 200 yen
Dryer: 100 yen / 30 minutes

Mobile Phone & PHS

  • * Turn off your mobile phone and PHS at the following places:
    • East Ward 1st Floor (Emergency Center)
    • West Ward 3rd Floor (ICU/ CCU)
    • West Ward 6th Floor (NICU)
    • West Ward 9th Floor (Cardiovascular Center CCU)
    • Consultation Room
  • * Refrain from talking on the phone at the following places:
    • Standard Patient Rooms
    • Outpatient Waiting Area
  • * Set your phone to silent mode and refrain from taking pictures or videos.


For further information on"Wi-Fi" please click here.


You can watch TV with a prepaid TV card. (Free in special rooms)
TV cards can be purchased from shops and vending machine on each floor.
1000 yen (16 hours and 40 minutes)

Purchasing Daily Necessities

There is a vending machine for daily necessities on the 1st floor of East Ward. You can also purchase them from a cart that comes around on the wards every afternoon.
There are other stores in the hospital retail mall on the 1st floor.


Although nurses will be assisting you for medical practice, your family members may be asked to stay with you depending on your condition.
Please contact Patient & Family Hospitality Services desk to request bedding rental services.

Outing / Sleepover

Ask your doctor’s permission for outings and sleepovers.

Electronic Devices

Ask your ward staff if you want to bring and use your laptop, DVD player, or radio in patient rooms.

Infection Prevention

In order to prevent hospital-acquired infections, antibody tests will be done on inpatients for Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any questions about the tests, please ask your ward staff.

Theft Prevention

Please do not bring any valuables and large amount of cash as we cannot guarantee their safety. Keep an eye on your belongings at all time.
* There are safes in each patient room. However, we do not assume responsibility for lost or stolen belongings kept in them.

Disorderly Conduct

If you commit disorderly conduct, such as violence, verbal abuse, vandalism, sexual harassment, and unreasonable demands, we may ask you to leave the hospital or discontinue your treatment.

Emergency Response

Please listen to instructions from your ward staff and remain calm in the event of emergency. Do not use elevators, but use stairs.
You will be informed of the location of emergency exits in advance upon admission.


The parking lot of our hospital is for outpatients only. Please refrain from parking while you are hospitalized. You can only park here on the day of admission and discharge.