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Tohoku University Hospital

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Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, and December 29- January 3
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Message from the Director

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Teiji Tominaga
Hospital Director
Tohoku University Hospital

Tohoku University Hospital’s roots lie in the Sendai-han (domain) Medical School established in 1817. As Japan entered the Meiji period (1868-1912) the abolition of the old feudal domains and establishment of the prefectures system led to the closure of the Sendai-han Medical School, which was turned into the Sendai Public Hospital, and later to the Miyagi Hospital. In the year 1915, a turning point for the hospital, it became the Tohoku Imperial University College of Medicine Hospital, and Tohoku University Hospital was born. The hospital marked its centennial anniversary in 2015, and numerous commemorative events were held under the slogan of “living together, now and in the future.”

Over the past 100 or so years, the hospital has fostered many clinicians and educators, and made a contribution to the development of Japanese medicine and medical care. On the other hand, the hospital perceives the protection of local people as one of its missions, and intends to carry on supporting local medicine as a key institute in the Tohoku region. A mountain of medical issues are faced by the Tohoku region, with the recovery work following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, still to be completed, and an increasingly ageing and isolated population. The hospital is maximizing its restricted medical resources effectively, eagerly pursuing all sorts of innovative technology, and doing its utmost towards the resolution of local issues.

Tohoku University Hospital has been designated as an “advanced treatment hospital” by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and as well as safely providing sophisticated medical care one of our missions is development and training in this field. Furthermore, the hospital was one of the first in Japan to be accredited as a “clinical research core hospital” under the Medical Care Act and as such there is much hope that it will promote international-standard clinical research, drug discovery and medical equipment development. It is for this sake that the Clinical Research Innovation and Education Center located in the hospital will use the strength of a university-based hospital to work with an array of corporations and exert itself in future development. Furthermore, following last year’s designation by MHLW as a “core hospital for cancer genomic medicine,” the Personalized Medicine Center within the hospital will serve as the nucleus closely collaborating with the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization and Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in an effort to appropriately provide cancer genomic medicine.

In recent years, safety and ethics in medicine have become the subject of public scrutiny. Safety in medical care is not just a question of sophisticated or advanced medicine; it is something required in every single part of day-to-day medical work. Based mainly on the Tohoku University Hospital Medical Safety Promotion Office, which is composed of specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists etc., medical safety and ethical education for the hospital personnel is conducted, and everyone at the hospital is united in providing safe medical care and peace of mind, day in, day out.

It is thus that the hospital enthusiastically develops new initiatives while putting all its efforts into the provision of safe medical care and peace of mind, and will continue to endeavor to be a hospital trusted by everyone. The hospital hopes that it can rely on all your understanding and kind support.