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Tohoku University Hospital

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Non-consultation Days
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Hospitalization Costs

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If you have any questions about your hospitalization cost, please ask our staff at ward reception before you make a payment.

If you are recipients of medical subsidy or welfare, your monthly payment will be no more than the limit of patient liability.

Calculation of Hospitalization Costs

  • 0 a.m. is regarded as the beginning of a day for cost calculation in accordance with Health Insurance Act.
    (For an overnight stay, you will be charged for 2 days of hospital fees and special room rate.)

  • Medical and dental fees are charged separately. You will receive separate bills for medical and dental treatment. The outpatient consultation fee will be charged separately from the hospitalization fee. e.g. Having “dental” consultation while you are hospitalized in “medical” unit.
    The cost will be informed monthly and at the time of discharge. You can make a payment each time or all at once.

Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-amount Application
(For patients under 70 years of age)

You are exempt from paying the excess beyond Ceiling-Amount of Personally-borne Medical Expenses (See the table below) by presenting this certificate. We recommend you to apply for the certificate before admission as “The Date of Issue” will be the first day of the month you apply. Please let your ward staff know if the certificate doesn’t arrive by the time of payment, or you applied for the certificate while being hospitalized. Please present your certificate at ward reception when you receive it.

  • * If you fail to present your certificate, without notifying us in advance that your application is in process, we may not be able to process your payment on the day. The certificate is not valid for the completed payment.
  • * If you would like to apply for the certificate while being hospitalized, and if your family members cannot help you with it, please contact ward reception. We submit the application on your behalf.
Income Classes Ceiling Amount of Personally-borne
Medical Expenses
① ア(A) ¥252,600 + (Total Medical Expenses – ¥842,000) x 1%
② イ(I) ¥167,400 + (Total Medical Expenses – ¥558,000) x 1%
③ ウ(U) ¥80,100 + (Total Medical Expenses – ¥267,000) x 1%
④ エ(E) ¥57,600
⑤ オ(O) ¥35,400
  • * Ceiling Amount of Personally-borne Medical Expenses is calculated separately by consultation month, medical institution, medical/ dental, and outpatient/ inpatient.
  • * In principle, the ceiling amount is applied from the day you present the certificate. Please make sure to present it at the reception desk.
  • * Uninsured expenses such as documentation fee will not be the subject of High-cost Medical Care Benefits. You must pay the fee at your own expense.

Hospital Meal Expenses

There is co-payment for hospital meals as detailed below.

Classifications Co-payment for Meal Expenses (per meal)
General Patients ¥360
Patients with Eligibility Certificate for Payment Reduction First 90 Days ¥210
After 90 Days ¥160
Old-age Welfare Pension Recipients ¥100
  • * If you present Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application and Reduction of the Standard Amount of Patient Liability, your meal expenses will be reduced.

Monthly Payment

Your bill for the previous month is delivered to your inpatient room around 10th of each month. Please make a payment using a Self-service Payment Kiosk or at Reception No.6 (Payment Reception Desk).
Payments are due the end of each month.

  • * If you are discharged before the end of a month, the payment is due the day you check-out.

Discharge and Payment

Your bills will be delivered to your inpatient room on the day you check-out (or the day before if you leave on non-consultation day).
Please make a payment using a Self-service Payment Kiosk or at Reception No.6 (Payment Reception Desk).

  • * If you are discharged before the end of a month, the payment is due the day you check-out.

Pay at: Days Hours
Outpatient Consultation
Building A 1st Floor
Reception No.6 (Payment Reception Desk)
/ Self-service Payment Kiosk
Weekdays 8:30 am – 5:15 pm
Advanced Medical Care Center 1st Floor
Emergency Reception
(After-hour Reception)
Other than weekdays Other than
the hours above

We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards (JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, J-Debit).

JCB、VISA、Master Card、American Express、J-Debit

* Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available for the following banks:
77 Bank, Japan Post Bank

Changes in Health Insurance Card, etc.

Present your certificates together with your Japanese Health Insurance Card at ward reception if any changes occur in your health insurance card.

Please Note

Receipt is required for various certifications, such as a medical expense deduction. Please keep it safe as it will not be reissued. (If you have lost your receipt and request a proof of payment, you will need to pay an extra fee.)