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Reception Hours: 8:30-11:00 (Automated RTC Reception 8:00-11:00) Consultation Hours: Weekdays 8:30-17:15 Non-consultation Days: Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, and December 29- January 3 TEL: +81-22-717-7000 (After hours and non-consultation days: +81-22-717-7024)

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Privacy Policy

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The data including valuable personal information that the Tohoku University Hospital (TUH) receives from you is used to further TUH’s stated functions both as a medical institution and an education and research institution. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

1. Your personal information is used for the following purposes in accordance with TUH’s regulations, based on the relevant statutes.

(1) Use by TUH

  • Medical services received by you
  • Health insurance administration
  • General administration (nursing unit management such as check-in/check-out, accounts, reporting of medical accidents, medical service improvement)
  • Basic material for the maintenance and improvement of medical services and administration

(2) Use by TUH and Tohoku University

  • Medical education: Training of medical practitioners
  • Case-based research
  • Provision of information to external inspection agencies
  • We strive to ensure anonymity wherever possible with these uses.

(3) Provision of Information to other Entities, etc.

  • Medical services coordination with other medical services including hospitals, clinics, birth centers, pharmacies, home-visit nursing stations, and care service providers
  • When seeking opinions or advice from external physicians concerning your care
  • Outsourcing of laboratory testing and other outsourced work
  • Explaining your case to your family
  • Health insurance administration (outsourcing of insurance administration, submission of health insurance claims to review and reimbursement organizations)
  • Responses to queries from review and reimbursement organizations and insurers
  • Submissions to governmental agencies and judicial institutions, etc. in accordance with the relevant statutes
  • Reporting of the results to business entities, etc. for health examinations contracted by said entities in accordance with the relevant statutes.
  • Submission of enquiries or notifications to specialist medical organizations or insurance companies, etc. concerning medical professional liability insurance, etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these purposes.

2. We will apply in writing for your consent to use personal information for any purposes other than the above.

3. If you do not agree to the above purposes, please let us know. However, please note that this may hinder provision of appropriate medical services.

4. You have following rights concerning your personal information.

  • You are entitled to require disclosure of your personal information by completing the specified procedures.
  • You are entitled to require correction of personal information disclosed to you after completing the specified procedures.
  • If you believe that your personal information has been handled inappropriately, you are entitled to require the suspension of use and provision, and the deletion of your personal information by completing the specified procedures.
  • You are entitled to appeal to TUH if you object to decisions concerning the above rights.

5. See the notice for details about how TUH handles your personal information. If you have any questions, please contact the information desk below.

Nobuo Yaegashi, Director, Tohoku University Hospital