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Tohoku University Hospital

Contact us TEL +81-22-717-7000
Consultation Hours
Weekdays 8:30 ~ 17:15 Opening 8:00
Reception Hours8:30 ~ 11:00
Automated RTC Reception8:00 ~ 17:15
Non-consultation Days
Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, and December 29- January 3
TEL+81-22-717-7000 After hours and non-consultation days +81-22-717-7024

Our Philosophy and Mission

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Providing advanced medical care with kindness

  • We provide high-quality medical care for each individual patient.
  • We innovate medical practices and contribute to the advancement of medical care and medicine.
  • We cultivate compassionate medical care professionals who practice holistic medicine.
  • We collaborate with local medical care institutions to meet the needs of society.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The Right to Receive Medical Care
Every person has the equal right to receive, continuing health care that is safe and of the best quality.
The Right to Receive Medical Information
Individuals have the right to obtain medical information that pertains to themselves, and to have medical treatment plans and procedures explained until they understand and fully satisfied with the explanations.
The Right to Decide One's Own Medical Care
Individuals have the right to make free choices and decisions, of their own will, regarding medical care plans, treatment methods, and other related matters presented by medical practitioners.
The Right to Protection of Privacy
The privacy of individuals is fullly protected and their private lives will never be illeglly infringed upon.
The Right to Seek a Second Opinion
Patients have the right to receive, at their own expense, explanations from physicians at other medical institutions.
The Responsibility to Provide Information
In order to enable medical practitioners to provide medical care that is appropriate and of the best quality, patients are asked to provide, to the best of their knowledge, their most accurate state of health.
The Responsibility to Cooperate on Medical Care
In order to enable the smooth provision of medical care, patients are asked to cooperate and not interfere with any medical activities in the hospital.
The Responsibility to Pay Health Care Costs
Patients are asked to make prompt payment of the costs of health care they have received.

The Declaration on Clinical Safety

The Tohoku University Hospital (TUH) has proclaimed its principle of “Aiming for harmony between patient-friendly care and advanced medicine,” and we, therefore, declare the followings at this hospital:

  • 01

    We will seek optimal communication between patients, their families, and the medical team. We will pursue the quality and safety of medical care in the interest of each patient.
  • 02

    We are aware that assuring the quality and safety of medical care is the responsibility of all hospital staff, and we will foster a climate that finds the lessons in failure and applies them to the future improvements.
  • 03

    We will engage the entire hospital organization in creating systems to guarantee the quality and safety of the medical care we provide.

Taking the above three items as the main focus of our concern, we hereby declare our commitment to mobilizing every resource to improve the credibility of our institution and to promote safety in medical care.。

Director, Tohoku University Hospital

Monument for Critical Care and Medical Safety

This monument is a representation of "the form of acting in unison to uphold something of irreplaceable value, and so serving as a bridge between the past and the future." It was erected in April 2004 in the green area to the west of the main entrance of our hospital.

Monument for Critical Care and Medical Safety

Monument for Critical Care and Medical Safety

The Concept of Our Logo Mark

Taking the heart shape as a base, this logo mark expresses fluidity and innovativeness. The two modified ellipses forming the heart represent the close relationship between the hospital and the patient, together with their health care. The dark blue globe signifies the heightening of energy as well as cool intellect. TUH possesses both this warm heart and this cool, honest intellect, and the logo mark accurately expresses their presence within the locus of health care that we provide. The main color of the logo mark represents life (the patient), which is the main focus in health care, and it also stands for the blood, thus signifying hope and passion, as well. The sub color represents integrity and diligence.

The Concept of Our Logo Mark